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The Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes REALTORS® Make and How to Avoid Them.

Learn Strategies from top marketers on How to Engage with Your Sphere and Get More Referrals than ever WITHOUT feeling like you are bothering them, sending boring emails, or sounding salesy.

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You’re a good agent.

Your knowledge, expertise, and passion set you apart from the competition. And, no one provides better customer service.

But, too often, you feel swallowed up by overwhelm. Juggling everything it takes to run a successful business while trying to exceed client expectations is exhausting enough, but you also have to worry about where your next lead is coming from.

We get it.
We’ve been in your shoes.

We spent years chasing leads and trying to build our businesses through the ups and downs of the constantly changing real estate industry. Then we had a light bulb moment. We realized we were playing by an outdated set of rules. And, we suspect you might be, too.

We threw out the old rules

and mastered today’s cutting edge technologies and used them to grow our brand, position ourselves as the expert in our area, make strategic connections, and design systems to promote ourselves 24/7.

We embodied the entrepreneurial mindset. We moved from simply competent to influential.

And, now we share that expertise with thousands of real estate agents and other industry professionals across the world — and we’d like to share it with you.

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It’s time to put the systems and technology to work for you.

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Real Estate Marketing Podcast

Welcome to the Influential Real Estate Marketing podcast where real estate entrepreneurs come to learn how to generate and convert more leads, find more meaning, and increase revenue.

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This is the TV version of the Influential Real Estate Marketing Podcast where real estate entrepreneurs come to learn how to generate and convert more leads, find more meaning, and increase revenue.

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Your GREATNESS is not what you have, it’s what you give

When you invest in your business through our work, you’re also creating meaningful impact around the world. Because with every product you purchase, you support a person in need.

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