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Almost everyone on the planet feels that they spend way too much time on emails. Unfortunately, it’s something few of us can avoid, as email is an essential part of doing business.

However, I’ve discovered three tools you can use to get your inbox under control and regain a ton of valuable hours.


The first step is to get rid of all the junk mail that’s clogging up your inbox. These emails are drawing your attention away from the important messages and making your inbox appear more full than it actually is. This is why you feel overwhelmed!

Unroll.Me scans your inbox to combine all your subscription emails. You can then sort through them to decide which you want to unsubscribe from. Being able to unsubscribe from a huge number of email newsletters all at once is a huge timesaver.

The other great feature of Unroll.Me is the chance to combine all the subscriptions you do want to keep into one Rollup email. This means you’ll receive one email a week rather than multiple emails each day.


Not only do I use BombBomb on a daily basis, we love this tool so much at Influential Agent that we provide all our coaching clients with an account.

BombBomb is a premier video email service provider available as a Chrome extension for your Gmail. As you all know how much I love video, it should come as no surprise that I’m passionate about this tool. It has a bunch of great features, but my favorite is being able to reply to emails with video without leaving Gmail.

Video replies may feel intimidating at first. However, as soon as you see how fast you’re able to respond compared to typing out a long message, you’ll become addicted — just like I am. Plus, responding with videos allows you to convey the emotion and intention behind your message that text alone can never achieve.

Another feature of BombBomb is tracking email opens. You can also see how many times recipients opened your messages and even how many times they watched your videos. This is an especially useful tool when you’re reaching out to a new lead or sending time-sensitive information, such as a contract. Even if you don’t send a video, BombBomb will track your email.

The last BombBomb feature I want to talk about is snippets. These are basically canned responses. If you’ve spent a great deal of time writing a detailed email in response to a question from a buyer or seller, you’ll be able to understand why snippets are useful.

For example, every time I have a new listing, I create a canned response with the necessary details to respond to inquiries about video tour links and how to set up an appointment to view the property. You can do the same for when clients ask you about what lenders you recommend or what vendors they should contact for a repair. Take the time to write responses now and you’ll save a ton of time in the future.

Some of you may already be creating canned responses and saving them in a Google doc. However, the BombBomb snippet feature is better, as you can save the snippets inside your Gmail for easy access. Plus, responses can be text, video, or a combination of the two.


With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it for a later date. This allows you to deliver the message at the perfect time. It’s also extra easy to use — just write a message as you normally would and then click the “Send later” button.

For example, imagine you speak to a new lead who requests a followup two days later, after the pre-approval process is complete. Instead of noting this down in your calendar, you can write the followup email immediately and tell Boomerang to deliver it in two days.

You can also set Boomerang to send you reminders after you’ve sent an email. For instance, you might contact an agent to let her know that you’ll be sending her an offer. You can ask Boomerang to remind you of this email after a certain amount of time. If the agent hasn’t replied, this will remind you to follow up.

This same feature is great for new leads. If they don’t reply, Boomerang will remind you to follow up. This means you will never allow any messages to slip through the cracks.

The Takeaway

Three simple tools will transform how you approach email.

Start by cleaning up your entire inbox by deleting junk mail and sorting your subscriptions with Unroll.Me.

Next, use the BombBomb extension for Chrome to incorporate video into your email, track the emails you send, and save snippets for later. This will help you make a better impression on potential clients and separate you from the competition. Lastly, use Boomerang to schedule emails to send at a later date and to remind you of emails you’ve already sent. That’s it! You’re set.
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