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Video content is great for Realtors®.

It increases traffic from search results, keeps your audience engaged, and allows you to develop your brand image. The problem is getting started, especially when you have no idea of what topics to cover.

When I was starting out, making videos was one of my biggest challenges. I used to overthink what type of content I should be making, which just led me to delay getting stuck in. To help you out, we’re going to explore the three types of video content that every realtor should be creating. All of them are fun and easy to do. Plus, I’m going to give you some great ideas to help you start making videos right away.

Video Marketing Idea #1 - Home Tours

It may seem like a no-brainer, but I still see countless property listings with cheesy photo slideshows. What you actually need is a high-quality video tour.

What if you don’t have any listings right now? You can still create some great video home tours. Head out to some model homes and shoot some footage. You can use this to showcase the latest trends, highlighting what kinds of features buyers can get for their price range in your area.

Video Marketing Idea #2 - Community Videos

People who want to buy in a particular area love to watch community videos. Before you jump in, choose a specific community. You’re going to position yourself as the expert for real estate in this area.

Now you need to think about what to include in your community videos. For starters, you’ll want to feature local businesses. Also talk about any important sites as well as schools, local dog parks, coffee shops — basically anything that will give prospective buyers a better idea of what it’s like to live in the area.

If you create enough high-quality community videos, your content will appear whenever someone searches for things like restaurant recommendations, where to get their hair done, or where to walk their dogs. Not only will this introduce you to buyers and sellers in the area, but business owners will also become more aware of you, too.

Ultimately, community videos will allow you to grow your all-important sphere of influence. Why is this? Well, you’ll build relationships with small business owners and help them to increase their clientele. As they’ll want to return the favor, they’ll send clients your way. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Video Marketing Idea #3 - Educational Content

Of all the three types of content, this one is my favorite — it’s what I do!

Educational videos are extra important for attracting new leads — buyers and sellers alike. If you’re ever stuck for ideas for your educational videos, I have a great tip for you (it’s helped me out a lot in the past): think about the questions you’ve received from current or former clients. Even if only one person has asked you the question, the likelihood is that other buyers and sellers are wondering the same thing.

A question you’ve received — frequently asked or otherwise — is a great starting point for an educational video. As an example, imagine a buyer asks you, “Is it always necessary to put 20 percent down when buying?” Immediately make a note of that question. It’s highly probable that other people have the same doubt! You can easily make a video and many buyers will watch to find out the answer.

As for sellers, you may receive a question like, “Who incurs the closing costs: the buyer or the seller?” All realtors know the answer to this, but plenty of leads don’t! Therefore, you have another excellent idea for a video.

It’s a good idea to start accumulating ideas for future video content. There are a couple tools you can use to do this. One is Trello. The software allows you to make lists in the style of kanban boards. You can set up a board for future videos, adding new ideas every time a buyer or seller asks you a general real estate question.

The other tool to use is the notes app on your phone. This is a good place to write things down when on the move to ensure you don’t forget. In particular, be ready to jot down questions when you’re out and about showing buyers properties. It’s in these situations buyers ask you exactly the kinds of questions you can use for video content. One thing I love about educational videos is that the content is so useful. Once you’ve made a large number of educational videos, you can repurpose them in multiple ways. For example, if you meet a new buyer or receive a new inquiry online, you’ll want to send the lead automated content. An automation should be different according to whether the lead is a buyer or a seller, but, in either case, it should definitely include some of your educational videos. This will show new leads that you’re a real estate expert — the person to call if they have any questions.

As you’re probably not the only realtor following up with the lead (especially if you met somewhere like an open house), your educational videos could well be what sets you apart from the competition. Another way to repurpose educational videos is on social media. You could even create a YouTube channel. You can also email out videos to your sphere of influence to form a connection with these users. If your sphere of influence isn’t biting yet, video content (and especially educational videos) will give these people confidence that they should refer you to their friends and family.

Let’s ReCAP

If you want to position yourself as a real estate expert, start making videos: home tours, community videos, and educational videos. There’s no need to wait — you can get started right away.

If you get stuck, feel free to reach out. Just remember that done is always better than perfect.

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