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Simply making a video to gain traction with your real estate business is not enough. Your time is too precious to make videos just for the sake of it.

Over the past decade, I’ve been training, coaching, and masterminding with top agents all over the nation. During this journey, I’ve witnessed some of the most amazing video marketing strategies. I’m going to share with you five types of real estate videos you should be creating to take your marketing to the next level.

Community Videos

To establish yourself as the go-to real estate expert in a certain location, you need to become the digital mayor. This involves more than making videos about homes in the area — you need to showcase the entire community.

Make videos featuring local businesses, amenities, parks, events, and more. This will allow you to build a relationship with local business owners at the same time as showing potential buyers the kind of lifestyle they can expect to have. Do this right and every time someone googles a business in the area, your video will pop up. That’s sure to be a great lead generator and will definitely separate you from the competition.

Video Tours

At a minimum, your listings need to come with a high-value video tour — not a slideshow with music. This will show potential sellers the kind of marketing you’ll be doing for their properties.

However, you also need to think bigger than just your listings. We live in an HGTV generation — people love to look at homes! Think of your social media profiles (particularly your YouTube channel) as your own HGTV show.

Use this platform to showcase model homes in your community, the latest home trends, and price ranges to show people what they can get at different price points.

As luxury homes always receive plenty of views, also make sure you feature some of the most expensive homes in your community. They don’t need to be your own listings — just make sure you receive permission to feature them. There’s a video on YouTube right now of a luxury home that’s received more than 110,000 views in the last 12 months. This is a gift that keeps on giving, even after the home sells.

Educational Videos

You can use educational videos (also known as informational videos) to answer questions you receive. I love these videos because they’re evergreen and relevant year round. Plus, since most buyers and sellers begin researching online before they have even contacted an agent, this is a great way to position yourself as a top choice.

If one buyer or seller has had a question about a certain topic, it’s likely that others will have the same question. Write down all the questions you are asked often from buyers and sellers. Each time you receive a new question, add it to the list. Just think how many videos you’d have if you made one for every question about real estate you receive!

In addition, think about your niche. What kinds of challenges does your audience face and how can you solve these issues? Add these to your list as well. Once you have several ideas, decide which you’ll prioritize. Even if you only make one educational video a week, you’ll have accumulated 52 by the end of 12 months.

Feature these videos on your social media accounts, upload them to YouTube, and include them in your blog posts. This will improve the chances that prospects find you online. Plus, it again separates you from the competition.

Micro-Content Videos

To connect with millennial buyers, you need to make an extra effort. Go where other agents are unwilling to go: create micro-content for TikTok or for Instagram Reels. Both of these require videos that are less than one minute long.

Figure out ways to repurpose content from your education videos into shorter bite-size videos. Users enjoy content they can consume quickly on social media. In fact, 15-second videos tend to perform even better than 30- or 60-second videos.

Drip Real Estate Videos

You may know drip real estate videos as video email campaigns. Whether you’re looking for new lead automation or sphere campaigns, you should be using drip real estate videos to portray emotion through your message and increase conversions.

Our coaching clients send video content to their sphere two times a month. They also use a 12-point followup system with new leads, which contains at least five videos.

The Takeaway

All the above strategies will increase your online presence the right way.

They will present you as both the neighborhood expert and as an effective real estate agent. If you need any help — especially with your drip real estate videos — check out Sphere Influencer.

We’ve already supported hundreds of women in real estate to increase their business by handling 90 percent of the heavy lifting for them.
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