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For the longest time, I didn’t even know what my email open rates were. Do you know yours? As a marketer, it’s crucial you know this number and how to improve it. Whether you’re sending emails to be top of mind for referrals or you’re trying to convert new leads, it’s important that recipients actually open the emails.

The average email open rate for real estate across the U.S. is 5 to 12 percent (there were a couple reports that showed 19 percent open rates). Most emails are opened in the first hour after delivery. After 24 hours, the chance of an email being opened drops to below 1 percent. These six email marketing hacks for realtors will increase your chances of being in that 5 to 12 percent.

Ask Recipients to Add You as a Contact

Every time you gain a new lead, make it a routine to send a text that says something along the lines of “To ensure you receive the valuable information you requested, please add my email address as a contact. This will ensure my communications don’t go to your spam.”

For your sphere of influence, you may want to send something a little less formal, such as: “Hey there, it’s Amber Joy — your favorite realtor. Hope you’re doing well! I’m going to be emailing you some valuable information in the coming months and I want to make sure you receive it. Please be sure to add my email address as a contact. This will keep my messages from ending up in your spam.”

Set Your Name as the Sender

Use your name rather than your company’s name as the sender. When your contacts receive an email from a business, they are more apprehensive about opening it, as they’re already in the mindset that somebody wants to sell them something. When they receive an email from you, on the other hand, they’re intrigued to hear what you have to say.

Entice Curiosity with Your Subject Lines

Consider using the start of a movie quote, song title, and another trendy catchphrase that people are likely to recognize immediately. They’ll want to participate in the fun by opening your email.

For example, your subject line could be “Don’t cry over split” or “There’s no place like” or “Just a small girl living in a” — I almost started singing that one! You were probably finishing each one of these as you read them, meaning you already see how this works.

In addition, don’t underestimate the power of emojis in subject lines. In fact, 56 percent of brands that use emojis see a higher unique open rate.

Lastly, use contacts’ first names in the subject line. This makes recipients feel valued, increasing open rates by 29 percent. Many email tools allow you to add a code to the subject line that automatically changes to the person’s first name.

Experiment w/ the Best Day/Time to Send Emails

In general, it’s better to send emails on weekdays versus the weekends. There’s no day in particular, but I typically prefer Tuesdays and Thursdays. The optimal time of day to send emails is 10 AM in the recipient’s time zone. Having said that, it’s important to check your own analytics to see when your audience is checking emails.

Plus, when sending out automations to new leads, set each email to go out at a different time. This will feel more authentic — as if you were just thinking of the lead and decided to send out an email, rather than a computer is sending out emails at the exact same time each day.

Segment Your List

Your database is more than just data — it’s made up of real people. During an in-person interaction, you wouldn’t talk to your sphere in the same way as someone you barely know. So why would you do it by email? To send emails that resonate with users, I suggest segmenting your database into at least three categories: your mets, your not-mets, and your newly-mets.

Have Amazing Content

You may think that an email open is mission completed. In reality, the content inside your email — the message you deliver — is really important for open rates. If subscribers are happy with content, they’re more likely to open emails in the future. On the flip side, if subscribers don’t like the content, they probably won’t open subsequent emails from you. They may even unsubscribe. Don’t just send emails for the sake of it; send to deliver value every time.

Now you know how to increase email open rates, but this is just the tip of the email iceberg. There’s so much more to learn: like what to say, what words to use, what words not to use, what calls to action work best — the list goes on.

For help in this area, give us a shout. Our coaching clients are experiencing record high open rates from their emails — even as high as 48 or 49 percent. To help them gain these results, we’re even writing the email content for them. Find out more about how we’re achieving these results for our clients by checking out our sphere influencer program.
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