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As marketing is always evolving, what helped you go from point A to point B won’t necessarily take you from point B to point C.

As real estate agents, we need to evolve with our marketing practices if we’re going to keep thriving. These seven rock-solid social media marketing ideas are the best ways to generate leads and market your business.

1) Automate Your Social Media Posts

As it’s crucial to consistently post on social media, automation is a good option. By automation, I don’t mean hiring someone to post for you and forgetting about it. Instead, you should utilize tools that allow you to prepare your upcoming social media posts for the next day, week, or even month. Like this, if you’re ever too busy to post — hopefully because you had extra appointments or because you’re lead generating — you’ll still have great social media posts hitting your channels.

Some of the most famous tools are Hootsuite and Buffer, but there are many more. They usually cost $10 or less a month. Check them out to find one that works for you.

2) Create Irresistible Lead Magnets

With irresistible lead magnets, you will collect new leads. All you need to do is create a PDF or ebook containing free information and offer it in exchange for an email address. Gathering email addresses is crucial, as your business won’t grow if your email list doesn’t.

Choose the theme for your lead magnet based on your ideal client. What challenges or information does this ideal client need? Your lead magnet should provide the solution. Just make sure it’s consumer focused rather than realtor focused. Too often agents go with their gut and create what they think will be valuable to their leads — when, in fact, the consumer has more pressing problems.

For instance, it’s true that leads often want to know what happens during real estate transactions, how to purchase a home, and how to save money when listing a property. However, it’s better if you offer your leads something of value that goes beyond real estate transactions. This will attract leads higher up the pipeline.

As an example, imagine you are trying to gain hyper-local clients in Frisco, Texas. Your lead magnet could be the top five Mexican restaurants in Frisco. That would be a popular lead magnet with a variety of people. Another option could be top three summer camps in Frisco, especially if you’re trying to attract families with kids.

Think outside the box. Whatever you do, ask yourself if the lead magnet will attract your ideal client. Will it solve a problem or provide value?

3) Focus on a Niche

When I started out, I was hesitant to pick a niche because I worried about excluding too many potential clients. But broad is broke and niche is rich. Put aside the fear and follow your passions, whether that’s working with veterans, first-time home buyers, or even doctors.

The more niche your marketing message, the bigger the impact you can make. Focusing on a niche isn’t about turning people down — it’s about showing that you’re different from the rest. When you sound the same as everyone else, few people see your message. When you niche down to a specific audience, there will be fewer agents competing for those same clients.

When I say go niche, I don’t mean be gimmicky. You just need to be memorable. Think of who exactly you want to serve and target them. After all, talking to everyone in marketing means talking to no one.

4) Make Video Part of Your Strategy

If you want to position yourself as a real estate expert, start making videos: home tours, community videos, and educational videos. There’s no need to wait — you can get started right away.

If you get stuck, feel free to reach out. Just remember that done is always better than perfect.

5) Showcase Expensive Listings

Consumers today love to look at luxury homes. They want to know how much expensive properties cost and where these properties are. If you make videos of luxury listings in your area, you’ll receive plenty of views.

What if you don’t have any expensive listings to show? Just ask permission from any realtors that are listing properties to show those homes on your social media channels. It helps those agents find more potential buyers and allows you to feature model custom homes in the area to attract luxury buyers and sellers. It’s a win–win for everyone.

By making content with luxury listings, you can do more than feature what is available on the market. For instance, you can also give your perspective on particular homes or the overall latest trends. There’s a user on TikTok who specializes in other people’s luxury listings. He has 115,000 followers and 2.1 million likes after being on the platform only three months!

6) Respond to Comments

Someone took the time to read your post or watch your video and then engage with you. It’s important to respond quickly to engage back with those followers.

In fact, the comments section is a great place to get to know your followers. Ask great questions and you’ll learn more about the wants and needs of every new follower or potential lead.

Remember that these conversations are not private. How you respond shows everyone else how you handle questions, doubts, and feedback. Plus, if someone else has the same query, they’ll see your original answer. Keep this in mind whenever you respond to comments.

A note about negative comments: every once in a while, you can expect to receive some negative feedback. Make sure that you’re polite and you listen to the other person’s perspective. Take responsibility if you did something wrong and let the person know what you’ll be doing differently next time. When I read comments like this online, I know that this is the kind of person I’d like to work with — the kind of person who takes responsibility.

I should point out that I’m not talking about abusive comments from trolls. You should just block those users, delete the comments, and move on!

7) Stay in Touch

Use social media to stay in touch with the most important group of people: your sphere of influence. Connect with them, follow them, become friends — whatever it’s called on the specific platform.

Beyond just posting to get in front of your sphere, engage with the users. Spend at least 20 minutes a day on sphere-related activities. Find out what is going on in your sphere’s lives and show that you genuinely care. When you consider that 70 percent of your income will probably come from your sphere, it should be obvious how important this is.

Also make sure that you’re continuing these conversations elsewhere. A multifaceted marketing program will allow you to reach your sphere via social media, by email, and offline. This will stop you from needing to search for new leads all the time. It’s far better to have a pool of people who know you, like you, trust you, and are ready to engage with you now.

The Takeaway

Now you’re armed with some amazing social media marketing strategies that you can use to take your business to the next level. At this point, you’ve probably realized that you have some relationships you need to reactivate.

You may feel awkward about reaching out again, especially if it’s with someone from your sphere. Don’t worry — I have something that can help you. It’s called “The Ultimate Reconnect Script”. Download the script for free and you’ll be able to reach back out with ease.
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