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My coaching clients often ask me, “What’s the best way to gain new business?” The answer is: it depends. Let’s look at just what it depends on and how you can use this information to find your ideal clients.

What Kind of Business Are You Trying to Attract?

First of all, who are your ideal clients? I always start out by asking this. Many times I receive the same answer. Can you guess what it is? It’s “anyone who’s buying or selling.”

If this has been your philosophy up to now, it’s not surprising that you’re struggling to attract new clients. Plus, you may not be seeing momentum in your business because you’re too spread out. I’ll also venture a guess that you’re burnt out or don’t love your job as much as you could.

The problem is you can’t develop a marketing strategy unless you know who you’re trying to attract. Think of it like driving to somewhere new. You need to have an address to input into the navigation before you can receive directions. If you lack a specific destination (i.e. an ideal client), you can’t receive any directions (i.e. you can’t develop a marketing strategy).

Overcoming the Fear of Excluding Potential Clients

Many people are worried about identifying their ideal client avatar, as this means excluding other people and potentially missing out on business. I can relate to this fear — and I also know that acknowledging this is how you feel is key to overcoming the fear.

Take this quote from Meredith Hill: “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” Seth Godin expressed the same when he said, “Your business will transform the day you recognize that everyone is not your customer.”

Figure out who your ideal clients are and what they want so badly that they’ll do anything to have it. Then, start marketing to these clients using their language. This is how you win and attract customers. In fact, realizing this can have a huge impact on your business. It will almost certainly set you apart from the vast majority of the competition.

Identifying Your Ideal Clients

If you haven’t identified your ideal client avatar yet, now’s the time to stop and think. Write down your answers to each of these questions.

1. Who Do You Enjoy Working With?
Think back over your career. Who were the clients you liked working with the most? Write down their names.

2. What Types of Transactions Do You Enjoy Most?
Maybe you like first-time home sales or luxury listings. Perhaps you enjoy assisting veterans or first responders. Whatever resonates with you, write it down.

3. What Do All the Above Have in Common?
Look at the answers you have for questions one and two. What commonalities can you find between them? This is your ideal client. For this exercise to work, avoid surface level answers. Instead, dig deep, thinking about factors like: Price range Area The age of your clients Whether buyers paid with cash or used loans

Growing Your Sphere of Influence

Just because you’ve defined an ideal client avatar doesn’t mean you’ll never work with anyone who doesn’t fit that description. In fact, your sphere of influence will be made up of all kinds of people.

However, every marketing decision you make and every marketing dollar you spend should be aimed at that ideal client.

Plus, you should spend at least part of every day growing your sphere and client base with your ideal client avatar in mind.

The Takeaway

Now’s the time to create your ideal client avatar. Put it in writing and keep it in front of you at all times.

If you ever feel stuck, or if the fear about excluding people starts to gnaw at you, remember:

“Broad is broke and niche is rich.”
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