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Just like you, I’m always experimenting on social media. Plus, I’ve gathered a large amount of data from other social media experts. My clients know this and frequently ask me when is the best time to post. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to this question.

If you were to ask Google when you should post, you’d find some generic posting times. Trust me, there is a better option than using this information. In fact, there are three ways to decide when you should be posting.

Look at Your Audience’s Behavior

The problem with generic information is that it doesn’t take your specific audience into account. According to Buffer (the social media scheduler I use), you need to post with your audience’s social media behavior in mind. This allows you to provide a personalized experience. By choosing times when your audience is active, you’ll increase the chance of users seeing and engaging with your posts. This can also lead to a greater reach.

You can find out when the users who follow you are looking at your posts by turning to the social analytics features. Simply sort your posts by the metric that matters most to you (likes, impressions, or engagement rate) and check at what time you published the top-performing posts. Make a note of those times — they are going to be your optimal times to post. You can use a social media scheduler like Buffer to schedule posts to go live at those exact times.

Depending on the platform, you may find that you don’t have the analytics feature. This can happen if you have a personal account. Consider switching to a business account to receive these additional analytics features.

Do What’s Convenient for You

This may sound simple, but life gets crazy at times. As a real estate entrepreneur, you’re extremely busy. In addition to your career, you likely have a family to take care of. If trying to post on an exact schedule and then remain active on the platform for some time after to engage with users is causing you to become inconsistent with your social media marketing, relax. Just post when it’s convenient for you.

Although posting at the right time is useful, it’s more important to be active. Your social media presence is a major aspect of your digital name badge. For instance, my clients receive a ton of referrals by using social media, as it keeps them top of mind in their sphere. Social media should be an important part of your marketing strategy, too — particularly for attracting new clients.

The Takeaway

Of course, it’s best to post at the perfect times to gain the most engagement. However, if that’s not possible, just posting at any time is better than not posting at all. By now, you all know my favorite saying from Harry S. Truman: “Imperfect action is better than inaction.” Make sure you are posting when you can, and you will see results from your social media marketing.
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