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Facebook reports that users open the app anywhere from 8 to 14 times a day. In other words, your sphere of influence is already hanging out on the platform. With a simple strategy, you can stop Facebook being a time-waster and, instead, reach your leads where they are.

There are a ton of ways to gain leads on Facebook, but there are two that are an absolute must for every real estate agent. You need to implement these powerful strategies into your social media business plan right now.

1. Facebook Lists

You’re always going to get more referrals from your personal Facebook profile than your business page. However, you’re not allowed to conduct business all day on your personal profile.

Facebook lists solves this problem. A behind-the-scenes tool you can use to organize your contacts on Facebook, it allows you to effectively build relationships with contacts in your sphere of influence. Once you’ve developed relationships with them, you can ask these contacts for referrals. Just bear in mind that you can only access lists from the browser version of Facebook — the tool is no longer available on the app.

Facebook Lists vs Groups

It’s important to note here that I’m talking about Facebook lists, not Facebook groups. They are two completely different tools.

When you add people to a group, they receive a notification. The first thing I do when I receive such a notification is check out the group, consider why I was added, and maybe think about leaving. In contrast, Facebook lists are invisible to users. Nobody knows that they have been added to a list. It’s just for you to organize how you spend your time on Facebook.

Using Facebook Lists

To gain the most from Facebook lists, you need to follow my formula for commenting and asking questions. This will help you have a genuine conversation with your sphere.

At the same time, the practice will help you take advantage of the Facebook algorithm. Facebook ranks posts according to interactions. When a user interacts with your post — such as by replying to a question you asked in the comments — Facebook shows more of your posts to this user. The algorithm sees that the two of you enjoy interacting and so gives your posts greater visibility.

By dedicating just 20 to 30 minutes a day to Facebook lists, you can improve your relationships with your sphere of influence encourage Facebook to rank your posts higher in the newsfeeds of your sphere.

2. Facebook Ads

Maybe you’ve used Facebook ads before. Quite possibly they were expensive and didn’t work. If this is the case for you, I’d like to challenge you to think about Facebook ads differently.

A likely reason your ads failed is because you used them to target cold traffic: the masses who don’t know you. Instead, you need to use Facebook ads with your sphere of influence. This will put you top of mind with the people who already know you.

Custom Audiences

You can create an ad that will only appear to your sphere of influence by using a custom audience. Simply upload a CSV file that contains the email addresses or phone numbers of your sphere contacts. This will be much more cost effective than targeting unknown users.

Make sure to run an impression ad. You don’t need these users to respond or leave their information — you already have that. Think of this ad as a billboard that puts you in front of your sphere of influence. Then, you’ll be top of mind for all their real estate referrals. You can also make the same ad appear on Instagram with a single click.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

An example of traditional marketing is sending out a postcard in the mail. This is expensive and ineffective — most of the time, recipients just see the postcard as junk mail and throw it in the trash. Plus, you have no idea as to who saw the postcard and who didn’t, what’s working and what’s not.

Compare this to a digital marketing tactic like a Facebook ad. As you’ve seen, it’s easy to target the ad to just your sphere of influence. These users may see your ad between eight and 15 times for the same cost (or less) than the single mailer.

Better still, you can check the analytics to see how many people your ad is reaching and people can comment on the ad to interact with you. Users can also share the ad, helping it to reach more people — which is something that is unlikely to happen with a mailer. Just make sure that you change your ads at least once a month to avoid ad fatigue. Ad fatigue happens when users become so used to seeing your ad that they simply ignore it.

The Most Effective Ads

There are many types of Facebook ads, but the ones that work best with a sphere of influence are hero ads. The hero, in this case, is you.

A hero ad features a picture of you. It trains users to recognize you as a real estate expert. Whereas this kind of ad does not work with cold audiences, it is great for advertising to your sphere.

Implementing the Strategies

One final thing to do before you implement these two strategies is consider how you currently appear online. What is your digital name badge? When users on Facebook click your name, what do they see? The first things they are going to notice are your “About” section, profile picture, and cover photo.

I can’t tell you how many friend requests I receive from other realtors who have nothing on their entire profile to even suggest that they are realtors. Avoid this mistake by filling out the “About” section, including with your contact info. You likely have all this on your business page, but you also need it on your personal page, as you’re likely having conversations there.

Lastly, you need to have professional-looking photos that present you as a real estate expert. If you can’t market yourself, what kind of a message is that sending to potential clients? That you won’t be able to market their homes, that’s what. Think about what impression you are leaving when someone clicks on your Facebook profile. Make sure you’re training them to think of you in the way you want them to.

Have you used Facebook lists or ads before? Will you be adding them to your social media strategy now? Let me know in the comments.

Have you used Facebook lists or ads before?

Let me know in a comments below

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