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After two decades in the real estate business, I’ve learned that to attract more business and gain more leads, you need to train people how to think of you. What does that mean? It’s important to understand that people remember how they met you. I call this name association. However, it’s up to you to retrain the people you meet to think of you as a real estate expert from this point on.

For example, if someone met me at one of my kids’ school functions, they would remember me as Amber Savannah’s mom. People may remember you as the lady from church or their neighbor down the street. If you don’t retrain these contacts, they may never think of you for real estate referrals.

There are five things you can do to train people how to think of you.

Wear a Name Badge

Don a name tag whenever possible. This way, no matter where you meet someone, they’ll instantly associate you with being a REALTOR®.

Use Branded Gear

For situations when a name badge is inappropriate, branded gear could be a great alternative.

At your kids’ games or recitals, wear a branded hat or carry a branded tumbler. I’ve even seen people who spend a lot of time at coffee shops brand the back of their laptops. In addition to being a great way to train someone how to think of you, branded gear is a wonderful conversation starter.

Brand Your Cell Phone Voicemail

There’s no excuse for not having branded voicemail. I don’t want to call a professional and hear something like, “Hey, it’s Amber. Leave a message.”

I better be hearing something along the lines of…

“Hey, it’s Amber Joy with Influential Agent, where we love to help people buy and sell. I’m with a client, so please text me because no one listens to voicemails anymore.”

Maybe leave out that last part, but you get the idea!

Update Your Social Media Cover Photos

The image at the top of most of your social media pages is essentially a free billboard to remind people of what you do for a living. You likely have a lot of contacts on Facebook. Are you using your cover photo to train them how to think of you?

I’m not just talking about your business page — you can do this on your personal page, too. After all, your friends visit your personal page more often than your business page. It violates Facebook terms and conditions to post about your business or sell on your personal page, but you can have a branded cover photo.

This will remind people of what you do.

Create an Email Signature

Think about all the emails you send: to your children’s teachers, to your homeowner association, to friends, family, and all your other contacts. Use a tool like Email Signature Rescue to create a new signature with live links. Every time you send an email, the person receiving the message will know exactly what you do for a living.

I know from experience that this does work: my daughter’s teacher bought a home through me after seeing my email signature.

the Takeaway

These five easy ways will train people to think of you as a real estate agent. (You’ll have noticed that recipe cards aren’t one of the tips!) They’ll remind people that you’re the REALTOR® they need.

Of course, these tactics alone won’t be enough. You also need an active lead generation plan to ensure you stay top of mind for all your contacts and receive ongoing referrals. If you need help with that, give us a shout — it’s what we do here at Influential Agent. Using the latest technology, we’ll help you develop a model and system based around gaining consistent referrals.

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