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A huge number of people contact me asking for coaching because they need to become more motivated.

You may be surprised to hear it, but I can totally relate. It’s not like I wake up every morning, excited to start generating more leads.

No one functions like that. But I am able to motivate myself — and you can, too.

Where to Find Motivation

If you’re expecting that motivation will help you start seeing results, I have some bad news: neither I nor any other coach can actually make you more motivated.

You may leave a coaching session feeling great. However, that sense of motivation will only last a few minutes at the most. To stay motivated in the long term, you need a completely different approach.

Let me explain.

Long-term motivation doesn’t happen until you start seeing results. And you won’t see results unless you take the necessary action to achieve results!

This is the opposite of what you’re doing if you go looking for motivation, as results come before motivation.

The Diet Analogy

To put this into perspective, we can use the example of a diet.

You start a diet because you want to shed some pounds. I know that for me personally, this is a constant journey. I’m always trying to become healthier. But those first few days — or perhaps even the first few weeks — of adjusting to new eating habits are always the hardest. The reason for this is that you’re doing everything right, you’re committed, but you don’t see any results. It takes time for your actions to lead to weight loss.

This makes it difficult to stay motivated. You’d prefer to go back to your old eating habits — after all, this new action plan is doing nothing. However, if you power through (even if you do lack motivation), you will start seeing results. And after more time, these results will be significant and you’ll feel much better.

It’s at this point that you do find the motivation to continue. It’s much easier to continue because you love how you look and feel. Motivation works the same way for any other activity.

Applying the Concept to Your Business

When you bear the above in mind, it becomes obvious that you need to stop waiting to become motivated before you film that next video or spend some time lead generating.

If you do wait for motivation to come, you may be waiting a long time. And this will mean you’ll be disappointed in the results, leading to more demotivation.

Once you have become demotivated, it’s extra difficult to break free from the downward spiral. Experienced realtors will know exactly what I’m talking about. You became so busy with your multiple closings that you neglected to generate leads.

Now you’re closing and you have no idea where the rest of your sales will come from — you have nothing. You’ve gone from making a good income and loving your career to being unable to pay your bills and wanting to shred your license.

Consistency Is Key

No matter if you’re motivated or not, no matter if you’re busy or not, you need to be consistent.

Even the most successful people on the planet — and certainly the most successful real estate agents — don’t wake up feeling motivated every single day. Don’t believe me? Just ask one of your successful realtor friends.

All the top agents are brilliant at the basics. They perform these basic tasks consistently, time, and time again.

It doesn’t matter if they feel motivated; they know that it’s these actions that will bring them a long-term success.

Where to Go from Here

Considering all I’ve said, what do you need to do now?

The first step is to stop looking for motivation. Instead, every morning when you wake up, ask yourself: “What’s the one thing I need to do today? What will bring me closer to meeting my goals?” For most real estate agents, that one thing will be lead generation.

The next step is to time block your calendar. Schedule time for that number one priority. Whatever else happens, nothing should get in the way of that activity.

Finally, hold yourself accountable. Make sure you actually complete the tasks on your calendar. I know that accountability is almost a curse word for many people.

And it’s far from one of my favorite words, but I know that it’s by embracing accountability that I reach the next level.

Accountability is what allows me to continuously break down new barriers.

The Takeaway

A coach cannot motivate you nor hold you accountable.

It’s up to you to reserve a space and time for your priorities and then hold yourself accountable.

A coach, however, will help you acquire new skills and push you to new levels when you’re feeling stuck.

In the end, then, it’s not motivation you need: it’s accountability. After all, accountability is the glue that holds commitment to results.
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