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A decade or more ago, if you wanted more listings, you simply cold called. Nowadays, gaining listings takes a bit more innovation. I know this because, in addition to being a realtor myself, I’ve been coaching and consulting real estate agents since 2007. In that time, I’ve learned the most effective ways to gain listings — and I’m still using some of them to this day.

Social Media

Most top agents credit social media as being the source for a significant percentage of their listings. There are many ways to use social media — hopefully you at least have a daily posting strategy to attract your ideal clients.

The specific idea I want to talk about, though, is Facebook live market updates. These updates showcase you as an expert in your field and give your sphere of influence the confidence to send you referrals. If you’re striving to become the top expert for a certain neighborhood, make sure you do the live video in a recognizable spot. This could be in front of a subdivision or next to one of the neighborhood amenities.

An additional pro tip is to repurpose those videos on IGTV and YouTube to increase your exposure. In fact, anytime you can repurpose your content on other channels, you should go for it.

Lead Magnets That Target Sellers

In marketing speak, a lead magnet is a free service or download that you give away with the intent of gathering contact details. You can use lead magnets as a chance to share all your knowledge with target sellers.

To create effective lead magnets, think about the kinds of topics sellers are searching for online before they sell. Then, create something relevant and irresistible — like “10 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell It for More Money,” “Renovations That Lead to the Highest Return on Investment When Selling,” “Your Guide to Selling Your Home Fast in 2021,” or “How to Sell Your Home Without Offering a Real Tour.”

These are the kinds of phrases sellers are already searching for on Google — you want to be the result they find. If you explain the process clearly in the lead magnet content, sellers will discover you’re the person for the job and they won’t want to go it alone.

Another pro tip: even if some sellers do decide to sell without your help, you still have their contact details. This means you can start building a relationship to at least support them with the buying side.

You can promote your lead magnets on your website, through your email signature, and on social media — they make great Facebook and Instagram ads. Also check out “5 Internet Lead Generation Ideas That Most Agents Overlook.” In the article, I go into more detail about how lead magnets work.

Ask Your Buyer Leads

Many buyer leads are also seller leads because most people start looking to buy long before they list their homes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask for the listing when you’re helping a new home buyer. Just ask them, “Do you need to sell a home before you can purchase? And who is helping you with that?” It’s simple, yet genius.

Use Your Sphere of Influence

You shouldn’t be surprised by this tip, as your sphere should always be the first place you go to generate business. That’s because 15 percent of the people you now are moving this year and someone you know definitely knows someone else who is moving. That’s a lot of leads just waiting for you — not to mention it will be easier and more enjoyable to convert warm leads from your sphere than cold leads.

It may seem like a no-brainer that you’d market to your sphere. However, a study by Tom Ferry found that only 4 percent of agents consistently do this. Whereas the other ideas on this list are excellent, make sure you start with your sphere.

These tips will definitely help you attract more listings, but nothing can happen until you implement a strategy. For help with this, use our Sphere Influencer Program. Our coaching clients are seeing record-breaking results by using the marketing we’re providing them.
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