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The Referral Formula

Learn How To Create An Additional $300-$700K In GCI With A Pool Of Client Referrals Within The Next 3 Months

Build An Exceptional Real Estate Business By Referral

Become the undisputed choice for referrals with your Sphere of Influence.

What You Will Learn

Topics that will be covered in this Masterclass
You know the drill – some months are great, others not so much. Let’s change that. I’ll share some straightforward methods to get a steady flow of referrals coming in. Imagine not having to stress about where your next client is coming from. We’re talking practical, easy-to-apply tips to keep those referrals rolling in.
The market’s always changing, and you’ve got to stay on your toes. I’ll show you how to keep up and even stay a step ahead. You’ll get the lowdown on what works in any market condition, so you’re always ready, no matter what the market throws at you.
Let’s cut through the noise. You don’t need to be a social media guru or a video whiz to get noticed. I’ll show you some simple, effective ways to use these tools to stand out. You’ll learn how to make genuine connections online that translate into real-world business.
Nobody likes feeling like they’re just another sales target. I’ll guide you on how to build real, meaningful relationships with your contacts. We’re talking about authentic interactions that make people think of you first when real estate comes up – all without the salesy vibe.
Are you tired of throwing money at marketing without seeing results? I hear you. Let’s focus on where and how to invest your marketing budget and efforts to get the best bang for your buck. It’s all about making smart choices, not just more expenses.
Your best referrals come from people who already know and trust you. I’ll share some creative ways to keep these key people happy and motivated to keep sending clients your way. We’re talking about building a circle of trust and appreciation that keeps your top referrers engaged and supportive.

A Little About Me

Hi there, I’m Amber Joy, and I’m here to help you turn your real estate career into a thriving hub for referrals. I believe in keeping things straightforward and effective – no fluff, just real, practical strategies that work. I understand the highs and lows of this industry, and I’m passionate about sharing insights that can make your journey smoother and more successful. Together, we’ll navigate the world of real estate marketing, turning challenges into opportunities and dry spells into a steady stream of clients. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make some magic happen in your business!

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Listen to what real estate agents say about The Referral Formula

More Reasons to join my masterclass

Listen to what real estate agents say about The Referral Formula

Enhanced Referral Strategies

Learn effective methods to consistently generate new business through a proven referral formula, tailored for today's market dynamics.

Navigating Market Shifts

Gain insights on adapting to market changes and developing lead generation strategies that work in any economic climate.

Social Media and Video Mastery

Discover how to effectively use social media and video marketing to increase visibility and engagement with potential clients, even without prior experience.

Building Meaningful Relationships

Develop skills to maintain personal connections with your sphere without being intrusive, turning contacts into long-lasting, referral-generating relationships.

Maximizing Marketing ROI

Learn to invest wisely in marketing efforts with techniques that offer a higher return on investment, focusing on strategies that actually drive results.

Creating a VIP Client Experience

Understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding top referrers, and learn how to implement a system that keeps your best clients engaged and motivated to refer others.


Listen to what real estate agents say about The Sphere influencer Program and The Referral Formula From Amber Joy & Influential Agent

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