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Transform Your Real Estate Game: Unlock a Referral Goldmine

Discover the Proven SPHERE INFLUENCER PROGRAM That Multiplies Your Referrals, Builds Lasting Relationships, and Propels Your Business Forward – All With Less Stress and More Success.

Imagine the Possibilities: How Transforming Your Approach Could Change Everything

How much would you love it if your real estate business became the talk of the town, with a steady stream of referrals flowing in like a well-oiled machine? Picture this: what if you could wake up each day knowing exactly what to do to generate leads, secure new clients, and build a thriving community around your brand?

Build a Referral Empire Effortlessly

Picture this: your business as a buzzing hub of referrals. Your clients are so thrilled with your service that they become your raving fans, telling everyone they know about you. How would it feel to see new opportunities rolling in just because people love what you do and can’t stop talking about it? It’s not just growth; it’s growth fueled by genuine appreciation and trust.

Create Deep, Lasting Connections

Imagine every client you meet doesn’t just see you as their agent but as a trusted advisor and friend. Think about the kind of bonds you could create when every interaction comes from a place of genuine care. How rewarding would it be to get a message from a client saying, ‘You didn’t just help us find a house; you’ve been a part of our journey.’ That’s the kind of deep connection we’re aiming for.

Receive Recognition as a Top Influencer

Envision being the name on everyone’s lips when they think of real estate excellence in our area. Your reputation precedes you, and your opinion shapes the market. How would it transform your career and life to be recognized not just for your sales but as a leader and innovator? That’s the kind of respect and recognition that changes everything.

Understand the Power of Leveraged Success

Think about a world where every effort you put in is multiplied. Your marketing isn’t just a message; it’s a conversation happening 24/7, attracting new leads even as you sleep. How freeing would it be to know your systems are working tirelessly for you, multiplying your impact and giving you the space to focus on what you love?

Know Your Business is Recession-Proof

Can you imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is sturdy, adaptable, and resilient? No matter what the market does, you’ve got a steady stream of leads and a community that trusts you. How reassuring would it be to know that you’re not just surviving the ups and downs but thriving through them?

Let's not just dream about these possibilities; let's make them your reality. This is about more than just strategies and systems; it's about transforming your business and life in ways you've always hoped for. So, are you ready to take this journey with me? Let's turn these visions into your everyday life.

In my years in this business and after talking to so many of you, I’ve seen the same story play out time and again. You’re out there every day, hustling hard, thinking you’ve finally cracked the code, and then, just like that, the market does a 180 on you. Believe me, I get it. I’ve heard countless stories from agents caught in this relentless cycle – they’re lead generating, then suddenly swamped with closings, and before they know it, they’re back at square one with an empty pipeline. It’s this real estate rollercoaster that seems impossible to get off. Can you relate to that feeling?

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed doesn’t mean you’re failing; it just means you’re playing a tough game. I’ve been there too, and I want you to know that it’s okay to feel this way. More importantly, it’s a sign that you’re ready for change, for a new approach that takes you off that exhausting rollercoaster. You’re not alone in this. Let’s tackle it together and find the path that leads you to consistent success and fulfillment.”

I get it

In our world of real estate, the old school thinking has always been about the hustle

Make more calls, knock on more doors, and keep pushing those numbers. It’s what many of us have been taught from day one. But let’s be honest, these traditional methods like cold calling and door-knocking, they’re not just draining; for a lot of us, they’re outdated and no longer feel relevant. And you know what? I’ve been there, feeling like I’m spinning my wheels, doing my “Power Hours” and still not getting the results I was hoping for.

That’s exactly why I created the Sphere Influencer Program. I wanted to shake things up and show that there’s a better way. It’s not about throwing out everything you’ve learned; it’s about enhancing it by building genuine relationships and using today’s technology to create a business that’s not just about chasing leads but nurturing them.

Now I know I can help!

I understand you might have some doubts or concerns - it's natural. So let's dive in and tackle those head-on, shall we?

“But I’ve always been told more calls equal more sales.”
The traditional numbers game is grueling and often leads to burnout. That is why my approach is about working smarter, not harder, focusing on meaningful connections rather than cold stats.
“I’m worried this is just another trend.”
It’s natural to be cautious, especially you have been “burned” before by lead gen systems taht left you frustrated. But consider this: Your Sphere is the foundation to your business. This makes building relationships timeless, and combining this with modern strategies is just evolving with the times.
“What if my sphere isn’t big enough?”
This is a common fear, but the Sphere Influencer Program isn’t about the size of your sphere but the strength of your connections within it. It’s about quality, not just quantity. We also coach you on how to effectively add the right people to your sphere until you have what you need to be reccession-proof!
“I’m not ‘tech savvy’.”
It’s okay. This program is designed to guide you step by step, turning what might seem overwhelming into something manageable and even enjoyable.
“It sounds good, but will it work for me?”
Every market and individual is different, but the principles of trust, value, and connection universally apply. This isn’t about a one-size-fits-all solution but adapting core strategies to your unique situation.

Remember, shifting from the old to the new isn't about discarding everything you've learned; it's about building upon it with a refreshed, more sustainable perspective. The Sphere Influencer Program is here to guide that transition, offering a new paradigm for success in real estate.

My Story

Not long ago, I was right where many of you are –

I was trapped in the high-pressure cycle of traditional real estate methods. Cold calls, door knocking, you name it, I did it.
I remember feeling like just another salesperson in the crowd, constantly chasing leads but rarely forging real connections. It was exhausting, and deep down, I knew there had to be a better way.

So, I took a bold step

I shifted my focus from numbers to people, from cold leads to warm relationships.
It wasn’t an overnight success, but as I persisted, I started to see a change. Referrals began to flow, clients started seeking me out, and I found joy in my work again. I was no longer just selling homes; I was building a community, becoming a trusted advisor, and making a real difference.
Now, through the Sphere Influencer Program, I’m sharing the lessons from my journey with you.
It’s not just about getting more leads; it’s about creating meaningful connections and building a business that aligns with your values. I’ve been where you are, and I promise there’s a better way. Are you ready to take the leap and transform your business? Join me, and let’s make real estate about relationships again. Your new chapter starts now.
As I watched my business transform through the strength of relationships and referrals, I realized I’d tapped into something much bigger than myself.
It wasn’t just about my success; it was about changing the real estate game to be more human and fulfilling for everyone involved. Overwhelmed by requests for guidance, I saw a clear need for a shift away from the high-pressure tactics that had become industry standards. That’s when it clicked: I needed to scale this impact, to reach out to those countless agents struggling under the weight of outdated practices, yearning for a better way.
So, I created the Sphere Influencer Program, not just as a set of strategies but as a movement towards a relationship-driven industry. This program is more than a toolkit; it’s a beacon for those seeking a path to success that aligns with integrity and personal connection. It’s about empowering agents to build a business that’s not just profitable but deeply rewarding. If you’re here, looking for a sign that there’s a better way to thrive in real estate, let this be it.
You’re exactly where you need to be.

Sphere Influencer


The Sphere Influencer Program is a straightforward roadmap for real estate agents eager for more referrals, leading to greater income, more freedom with their time, and the ability to provide better for their families.

The Sphere Influencer Program is a straightforward roadmap for real estate agents eager for more referrals, leading to greater income, more freedom with their time, and the ability to provide better for their families.

Full of personalized coaching, innovative marketing strategies, and a comprehensive VIP system, the Sphere Influencer Program will launch your journey to achieving a referral-based business that enriches your professional and personal life.

By the end of your journey, you will...

Master Relationship Building

Learn how to deepen connections with your sphere to become the go-to real estate expert, fostering a network that’s eager to refer you.

Unlock Effective Lead Generation

Discover ways to generate leads that align with your personal style and market needs, ensuring a steady stream of business.

Harness Powerful Tools

Gain access to tools that simplify and enhance your marketing efforts, from personalized coaching to innovative strategies.

Navigate the Steps to Success

Be guided through the necessary steps to build a thriving referral-based business, avoiding common pitfalls and staying focused on what really works.

Cultivate a VIP Mindset

Understand how to identify and nurture your top referrers, turning them into a loyal tribe that continuously fuels your business growth.

Adopt a Systematic Approach

Embrace a structured system that brings consistency to your efforts, ensuring that your business continues to grow and thrive.

Elevate Your Market Presence

Learn to position yourself as a market leader, using advanced tactics to stand out in a crowded industry.

Balance Work and Life

Find strategies to manage your time effectively, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor with those who matter most.

Unlike Other Real Estate Coaching Programs

Sphere Influencer Program Employs Modern Tactics
In a world where communication and information consumption have drastically evolved, this program adapts with it. We’re not sticking to 20-year-old marketing methods. Instead, we leverage video, social media, and targeted Facebook ads to connect with your sphere in today’s digital age.

A Comprehensive Approach

You know, when I developed the Sphere Influencer Program, it wasn’t about just throwing random ideas at you. It’s much more than that. I’ve carefully crafted a six-point marketing system that really gets to the heart of what works. We’re talking about a mix of everything – from video marketing to creating VIP programs that truly appreciate your top referrers. This isn’t just about being different; it’s about having a full-fledged plan that evolves as the industry does. So, with this program, you’re not just trying to keep up; you’re staying well ahead of the game.
You know, when I think about the Sphere Influencer Program, I see it as more than just coaching.It’s about shaking things up, doing things differently. We’re not just trying to climb to the top; we’re redefining the climb itself with some of the smartest, most current strategies out there.So, let’s not just be part of the crowd, okay? With this program, we’re leading the pack. It’s about making a real impact and standing out, not just blending in.So let’s not settle for the same old approach. Let’s stand out and really make our mark. Let’s lead the change together.

Are you with me?

Joining the Sphere Influencer Program means you're not just signing up for change...

You’re committing to a new way of working that will dramatically reduce your stress over inconsistent leads, jumpstart your journey to becoming the go-to agent in your area, and quickly help you achieve your dream of a flourishing real estate career that doesn’t sacrifice your personal life for success.

I know taking this step can feel big, but if you’re COMMITTED, if you’re ready to dive deep and put in the work, then you’re in the right place. This program is designed to transform not just how you work, but how you think about your entire business. It’s about building a foundation that allows you to grow, thrive, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So, if you’re ready to dramatically reduce the anxiety of where your next client will come from, if you’re eager to jumpstart a business that continually feeds you quality leads, and if you’re excited to quickly start living the life you’ve envisioned with the freedom and income you deserve, then keep reading. We’re just getting started.

Wanna Peek Inside?

Six-Point Marketing System

Dive into a strategic organization of your contacts, transforming a cluttered list into a streamlined database of potential leads. I’ll guide you on how to sift through the chaos, tagging and categorizing to ensure every contact is a step toward a closed deal.

Monthly Marketing Packets

Receive fresh, professionally crafted video scripts, email templates, and social media content every month. It’s all designed to keep you consistent, relevant, and engaging without the headache of figuring out what to say.

Sphere of Influence Coaching

Embrace a comprehensive six-step marketing plan tailored for the modern real estate landscape. This isn’t about throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks; it’s about focused, deliberate actions that consistently build your brand and attract referrals.

Daily Lead Gen Action Planner

Say goodbye to aimless days. With our structured daily plan, you’ll know exactly what steps to take each morning to move deals forward, keep clients engaged, and ensure you’re always driving toward your next closing.

VIP Referral System

Learn how to transform satisfied clients into a powerful referral network. I’ll show you how to set up a system that appreciates and rewards your top advocates, keeping you top of mind and your phone ringing with new leads.

Bombbomb Video Email Service

With your BombBomb membership, you’ll master the art of engaging video emails. This isn’t just about sending messages; it’s about creating connections that build trust and lead to more business.

Personalized Teleprompter Service

Eliminate the fear of forgetting your lines or stumbling through your message. Our teleprompter service turns your video shoots into smooth, professional presentations that capture and keep attention.

Proven Tools and Templates

I’m sharing the exact methods I used to triple both my sphere and my income. You’ll learn practical, effective strategies for expanding your influence and establishing yourself as the go-to agent in your area.

The Results You are Going to Get:

How does this sound?

You’ll be the agent with a constantly buzzing phone, thanks to a steady flow of referrals. With the Sphere Influencer Program, your community can’t help but talk about you, leading to more clients and less stress about where your next lead is coming from.


Say goodbye to the uncertainty of irregular commissions. This program stabilizes your income with a reliable stream of leads, allowing for better financial planning and the chance to treat yourself and your loved ones more often.


Old-school cold calling and door-knocking are things of the past. You’ll discover easy, effective strategies that transform lead generation into an enjoyable and efficient process.


Reclaim hours of your day for family, hobbies, or relaxation. Our streamlined approach to the real estate hustle means you get more free time, turning what once felt like a hectic schedule into a balanced lifestyle.


You will be the most talked-about real estate agent in your area. Our program elevates your presence and reputation, establishing you as the undisputed real estate authority in your community.


You Found Your People If Any Of These Sound Like You

Your exhausted from spending tons of time following up with non-qualified leads that are not your ideal client?

You feel like you sound annoying, desperate, or salesy when you reach out to your Sphere?

You need to catch up when it comes to social media and video so you don’t get left behind?

Your Sphere knows more than one REALTOR, and you’re looking for a way to stand out?

You’re concerned the market has SHIFTED, and you don’t have a plan for it?

You are tired of marketing that looks generic, canned, and boring?

Untitled design (12)


If we haven't met yet...

I’m Amber Joy, your friendly neighborhood real estate coach. I dove into this world over 20 years ago with absolutely no clue about real estate, tech, or how to market myself. But guess what? I turned my lack of knowledge into a powerhouse of success, and now, I’m here to help you do the same. My journey from clueless to coach is filled with stories of learning, stumbling, and triumphing, and I’m so excited to share every bit of it with you.

What I love doing most is teaching folks like you how to grow your business through the power of referrals. That means less cash on ads and more on creating lasting relationships. I’m all about keeping things super simple and relatable, so you won’t get lost in jargon or complicated strategies. Think of me as your real estate bestie, the one who’s always there to guide you, cheer you on, and celebrate every win with you. So, if you’re ready to kick your real estate career up a notch, I’m here, ready and excited to journey with you! Let’s make this happen together!

From Melanie

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Are You Ready?

My Sphere Influencer Program sets a high bar because it’s about real results and growth. It’s more than just coaching; it’s a partnership in action, combining mindset shifts with practical strategies and hands-on work. This isn’t just about short-term gains; it’s an investment in your future as a standout real estate professional. If you’re ready and committed to this journey, keep reading. This is your stepping stone to becoming a leader in your field.

Who It's For...

This program is for real estate agents who are passionate about building a sustainable business through genuine relationships, not just transactions.

It's designed for those sick of traditional, ineffective lead generation methods like cold calling and door-knocking.

Ideal for agents ready to embrace a modern approach to real estate marketing, leveraging technology and personal connections.

Perfect for those willing to put in the effort to learn and apply new strategies for long-term success.

Who It's NOT For...

This program is not for you if deep down you believe in quick fixes over building enduring business relationships.

It's not suitable if you are skeptical that relationship-building and modern marketing strategies can transform your business.

Not the right fit if you are impatient for overnight results. This program is about building a solid foundation for lasting success.

Choose your Experience

Sphere Influencer Essentials

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Sphere Influencer Plus

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Sphere Influencer Pro

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A year from now you will have wished you started today....​

so let’s get started!



Sphere Influencer






Sphere Influencer






Sphere Influencer






"In just 30 days of applying the formula, I gained 8 referrals from my Sphere."

– Stephanie


Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to see results after joining the Sphere Influencer Program?

Great question! The timeline for seeing results can vary, but many agents start noticing a difference within the first few months. It's all about how you apply the strategies and make the most of the resources provided. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint, but you're setting up for long-term success.

Is the Sphere Influencer Program suitable for new agents, or is it more for experienced agents?

Absolutely, it's for both! Whether you're just starting out or you've been in the game for years, the program is designed to elevate your business at any stage. We focus on foundational strategies that are crucial for newcomers and refine techniques that benefit seasoned agents.

I'm not very tech-savvy. Will I struggle with the digital aspects of the program?

No worries there! Part of what we do is guide you through the tech side of things. We have resources and support to help you get comfortable with the digital tools. The aim is to make technology your ally, not a hurdle.

I've tried other programs before and didn't see much change. How is yours different?

I hear you, and that's a valid concern. The key difference with the Sphere Influencer Program is its focus on building genuine relationships and leveraging current marketing techniques. It's not just about lead generation; it's about creating a sustainable and referral-based business. Plus, I'm here with you every step of the way!

How much time will I need to dedicate to the program each week?

I recommend setting aside a few hours each week to really dive into the material and apply what you've learned. The more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. But don't worry, the program is designed to be flexible and fit into your busy schedule.

Can this program really help me stand out in a saturated market?

Definitely! The strategies we use are all about differentiation and showcasing your unique value as a real estate agent. By focusing on relationship-building and modern marketing tactics, you'll be able to carve out your niche and shine even in a crowded market.

Final Thoughts

     Let’s have a real heart-to-heart for a moment. I know the road you’re walking because I’ve been there. Every day you’re not taking action towards refining your approach in real estate, you’re not just missing out on potential referrals – you’re letting your dreams and goals slip a little further away.

     Think about it – the average real estate agent spends countless hours on cold calls, door knocking, and chasing leads that often don’t pan out. It’s exhausting and, frankly, disheartening. I’ve seen too many talented agents get burned out, not because they lack skill, but because they’re stuck in outdated methods. They end up in this relentless cycle, losing weeks, months, or even years without making real progress.

     But here’s the kicker: the real cost isn’t just in lost time or the emotional toll. It’s in the lost income potential. Did you know that agents who effectively use referral-based strategies can increase their income by up to 50% more than those who don’t? That’s huge! And it’s not just about money – it’s about the freedom that comes with it. More time with your family, more resources to invest back into your business, more opportunities to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

     So, here’s the tough love part: if nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s your time to shine, to step out of the shadows of traditional methods, and embrace a strategy that truly works in today’s market. The Sphere Influencer Program isn’t just another training – it’s a transformational journey designed for agents who are ready to take that leap, to build a sustainable, thriving business that stands the test of time.

     I’m here to guide you, to share the exact steps I took to turn my business around. But the first step? It starts with you. Make the choice to change your trajectory today. Let’s rewrite your story together, starting now.

Ramp Up Your Lead Generation

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Leads

Our guide to video notes will show you how to connect with your Sphere like never before, all while keeping it simple and stress-free. (Say goodbye to feeling salesy or desperate and hello to genuine, effective connections.)