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Are you a real estate agent eager to boost your lead generation on Facebook? With 70% of American adults using Facebook, it’s an ideal platform for real estate agents to connect with potential clients. In this blog post, we’ll reveal five simple strategies for generating free real estate leads from Facebook. Let’s get started!

1) Enhance Your Facebook Profile and Cover Art

First, make your Facebook profile stand out by completing your profile information, using a professional headshot, and designing eye-catching cover art. This will help establish your professional image and attract potential leads.

2) Interact with Your Sphere's Facebook Posts

Next, build relationships and stay top of mind with your sphere by engaging with their posts. Engage in back-and-forth conversations to trigger the Facebook algorithm, increasing the visibility of your own posts in followers’ newsfeeds.

3) Post Daily

Consistently posting content demonstrates your expertise in real estate. Share engaging stories, videos, and personal insights to attract people who want to work with you or refer you to others.

4) Go live on Facebook

Moreover, going live on Facebook provides real-time engagement, increases exposure, and helps build relationships with your audience. Facebook promotes live content and notifies your followers for free. Include weekly live sessions in your social posting strategy to showcase your expertise.

5) Use Facebook ads to your advantage

Lastly, harness the power of Facebook ads to reach your target audience. Create custom audiences based on your sphere, email list, or other data to target your ads to your ideal clients. By spending the same or less than a traditional postcard campaign, you can be seen up to 15 times a month with ads, giving your sphere the impression that you’re a marketing superstar and encouraging referrals.


Consistency and engagement are vital to success on Facebook. Implement these five strategies to generate real estate leads from Facebook and grow your real estate business.


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