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Our mission at Influential Agent is to support Real Estate Entrepreneurs to reach their greatest potential through cutting edge training & education. We appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and your audience. We would love to talk to you about your vision and are happy to customize our topics to your specific needs. We look forward to serving you.

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How to be a Sphere Influencer

Focusing on the masses to bring in a ton of business leads can be a frustrating, time consuming and expensive way to promote growth. In order to increase business by referral, we must cultivate and maintain relationships at a high level with your Sphere of Influence. Yet most agents are not consistent in their Sphere marketing efforts or are using outdated techniques, causing frustration and the tendency to quit or move to another lead source. Learn how to explode your business with a consistent and proven model to cultivate relationships and get more referrals without feeling like you are bothering prospects with boring emails or sounding too salesy.

Facebook Ad Strategies

Marketing has changed enormously in this age of technology. One of the most powerful marketing tools for real estate agents today is Facebook ads. In this session, we will reveal the two most effective ads to run for agents to display their success in the online world as well as attract new leads from the desired target audience.

Establishing Your Digital Presence

Is your online presence set up to attract your ideal client? Social media is a powerful tool for relationship building, attracting new leads and gaining new clients. On the opposite side of the coin, when social media is used improperly, it can be very damaging to one's business, reputation and, in some cases, their real estate license. In this session, you will learn how to avoid the common and costly mistakes made in social media marketing, while you gain tips on how to optimize your profiles to impress.

Secrets of Top Agents

Success leaves evidence. After hundreds of consultations with top agents from across the country, we have detected patterns. In this eye opening session, we reveal the habits, behaviors and strategies of today’s top real estate agents. You will leave with specific ideas and strategies to implement in your business right away.

Lead Generate Like a Boss

As a real estate business owner, if you don’t have leads, nothing else matters! The ability to generate leads at a high level is the key to growing and maintaining a successful real estate career. In this powerful session, you will learn how to structure a lead generation program for best results and how to ultimately have 5 pipelines of leads coming in at all times, allowing you to be successful in any market.

The Power of Video to Generate & Convert Leads

There is no denying the power of video marketing in today’s marketplace. Video allows us to connect with people on a deeper level and gives a huge competitive edge over the competition. This sessions reveals tangible ways an agent can use video in their everyday business in order to generate and convert more leads than ever before, and includes examples from top agents and the tools needed to implement proven strategies.

Social Power

With every Social Media guru pointing in a different direction, what’s a real estate agent to do? How do we market on all available channels and still have time to sell real estate? How do we become a Jack of all trades while avoiding mastering none of them? This session reveals the power of multiplying your content across all social media platforms by providing a Roadmap to 30 Days of Content in Just 20 Minutes! How cool is that???

Influential Recruiting- Coming Soon!

Recruiting and retaining talented agents is the foundation of a profitable business model. Yet, recruiting has become intensely competitive and agents have so many organizations to choose from. Understanding your value proposition and being able to communicate it to the marketplace is more crucial than ever before. This session, taught by one of the country’s top recruiters, reveals the roadmap to attracting both new agents as well as seasoned talent, using the latest technology and relationship building tools.

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